Tumaini – Hope for the children

Tumaini – Hope for the children

Tumaini - Hope for the children

The project was foundet in Nairobi, the capital city of kenya who was named as the city of the biggest slums in the world, because a half of the city are slums. The project are in Korogocho, the third biggest slum of Nairobi. The name means garbage dump and the slum is proverbial in the thick of it. In Korogocho the people searching in the garbage thing that can be selled for some money for food and water, who is there more expensive than in the neighborhood of stately mansions and must be transportet in water canister. Some people take water from the dirty streamlets and fill them in plastic bottes and let them „clean“ in the sun for a day to kill the bacteriums in it visit getgreendelivery.

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George Asisi - Pastor und Leiter des Projekts The director of the projet ist Pasto from theDer Leiter des Projekts ist Pastor of therevivalism church and lives in this slum. He helps orphans to get out of the streets, where drugs, prostitution and violation is normal. Many of this orphans lost their parents though the AIDS Curse who is spread threw prostitution, violation and missing health care. The children live together on small space that is used for sleeping, living and cooking. Education is expensive and so the people give their knowlede further to the children, and hoping, that its enough for a better future. Without education, there are no chance to get a job and a better live.

Wir geben den Kindern ein Zuhause, zu Essen und AusbildungWe try to help the children with your donations, to give them a better home, enough food and a good education to start their future with a working life outside the slums. Give the children a hope and a reason to smile and be happy.

Help us, to send your donations dirct o te inner city, where it is needed most!

You will get more informations about this project soon. See the german Artikel to know more. You can use google translate for translation of the artikels.

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