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Welcome at help4children.org

This organisation was foundet, to help children in misery and is registered in the central register in austria (ZVR 136729260). But why a new organisation?

We’ve tried to find support for a project in kenya, who can help short-termed, because the kids had nothing to eat for 5 days. I hear many excuses why they can’t help. It seemes, that the project was to small to be relevant enough attention for media an press. We want to help, there help is needed, at the slums who media in kenya avoids. We think help is not only needed for big projects with media attention. We want to help small projects directly in the slums.

We don’t want to have many members, because we don’t want t have a big administration who costs most of the donated money. We want to send the down where its needed, directly to the projects.

We don’t invest in

  • a big administration
  • in big and expensive marketing campaigns
  • our organisation to help our selves
  • clothing drives and other collections, to sell it

We invest in

Wir investieren in

  • the children, to give them a home, food and education
  • collections and shipping, who goes directly in the inner city
  • time for publicity and elucidation

You’re donations will be used only to help children, not to service some egos.

You’re help goes to the place where it is needed most.

You’re team from help4children

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